Our Pastor

     Dr.Kenneth E. Brock & First Lady Yvonne Brock          



Dr.Kenneth Brock has a tremendous passion for God’s word that is coupled with a love for the people of God. He has a contagious spirit of love and generosity that over flow throughout every facet of his ministry. Having received the mandate from God, Dr.Kenneth Brock joyfully fulfilled his calling as the senior pastor of The New Welcome Missionary Baptist Church and with Mrs. Yvonne Brock, who is joined with him in unity and love, by his side.


He was called to the ministry at the age of 15  under the leadership of the late Dr. Ananias Davis of The Welcome Baptist Church. It was there where Dr.Davis mentored his life and gave him special training to fulfill the task that he has today to lead the New Welcome Baptist Church family.


Dr.Kenneth Brock, as a teenager was blessed to preach all over the nation. He attended Urban Bible Institute where he was confirmed with an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree. He also enrolled in the Union Baptist Theological Seminary where he earned his Doctorate in theology. Our pastor is covered with the anointing, divine favor and with the love of God in his heart. His vision is uncompromising clear with one central principle: to build and develop people so that they can be empowered and equipped for the work of the kingdom of God.


It was his life long dream to carry out the vision of his mentor Dr. Davis and after spending 38 years of preaching and 32 years of pasturing, by the will of God, God has returned him back to where he spent his childhood life, to lead us into kingdom building.


There was a charge given to him by his late pastor and that was to keep the church together, "A Charge To Keep He Has And A God To Glorify".


As he served in many capacities both religious and business, he always find balance for first lady Yvonne Brock, his children and most of all his grandchildren, whom is (Papa) babies.


As a team in ministry work Pastor and First Lady give their hearts and time and most of all their love for the work of the kingdom of God and for the family of The New Welcome Missionary Baptist Church.